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Trees are such amazing assets. They give us fruit. Trees provide shade. They give brilliant urban homes to birds, bees, squirrels, and other creatures. Trees become the lumber we use to build our homes. Trees are invaluable.

World Environment Day: An Interesting Take on Trees

While the list of reasons trees are great is never ending, we thought, as homeowners, we’d review trees from a different light this World Environment Day. Here’s a few things to keep in mind to keep trees friendly near your home.

Since trees can house many fascinating creatures this means that trees can cause problems near the home. Trees with branches extending close to a home provides for easy access for creatures to enter your home. Trim branches to minimize furry friends making home in your attic.

Trimming branches is a good idea for another reason, too. All it takes is a good storm or strong wind to send close-to-home branches into a window or off to puncture your roof.

Need one more reason to keep trees trimmed and orderly? Trimming branches that overhang wires and utility lines can minimize power outages and fire hazards.

It’s not just the top of trees that can do some damage. Tree roots can be a home’s enemy, too. As trees grow larger they need more water. More water requirements means larger, longer roots. This growing root system can infiltrate your home’s foundation or sewer system which can lead to expensive repairs. When planting trees it is a good practice to plant several feet away from your home’s foundation or any utility or sewer systems.

While trees can be an amazing addition to a home, practicing proper tree maintenance is key to balancing landscaping with a home’s maintenance.