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Winter is here, and this means that it is time to winterize your home once again. The ice and cold may warrant staying in, but that is not to say it’ll be friendly to your home.

Winterize Your Home

Winter is a common time for homes, appliances, and fixtures to fall victim to weather strains. Whether it’s from freezing temperatures or the ability of ice to render parts immobile, it’s time you do some proactive winter prepping to get through the season damage-free. Here are some things you can do toprotect and maximize you’re home’s efficiency.

Increase your home’s insulation.

The recommended amount of insulation for homes will vary depending on who built it, it’s age, and its architecture style. By contacting a professional insulation contractor to discuss the efficiency of your insulation you’ll be able to minimize furnace strain, maximize heat retention and protect plumbing from freezing.

Reassess your home’s heating systems.

After insulating your home, check your heating system. A properly insulated house can keep a house warm under cold weather and rigorous snowing withminimal effort. Remember that heating systems eat up a lot of electricity, and when the temperature inside keeps fluctuating, the system will work twice as hard to keep up. Having proper amounts of insulation will minimize your furnace’s strain.

Make sure your thermostat is working properly, too. When your furnace isn’t turning off and on when it is supposed to, it could be a faulty thermostat. An efficient thermostat will ensure you maximize your heat and minimize your utility bills.