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Heat naturally migrates to any space where the temperature is cool. In the winter, heat wants to move out of the heated living spaces in the home. During summer, outside heat wants to sneak inside through cracks and holes in the walls. Insulation aims to provide resistance to the heat’s flow, which will help your heating or cooling system run more efficiently. Insulation will also prevent drafts and uneven temperatures inside the house.

Why Insulation Matters

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Houses built during the early part of the previous century were designed for form rather than function. Decorative works abounded, but the construction was far from practical. Walls were prone to crack, and insulation was almost unheard of.

Heat escapes from the house in different ways. If your house is standing on cold rock or soil, the heat from the interior of the house will flow downward into the Earth through a process known as conduction. Heat can travel by conduction through the roof of the house and through solid walls. If the temperature on the outside of the house is hotter than the interior, the cold air inside will heat up and flow away by means of convection. During the cold days of winter, your house may feel warm and cozy inside, but it will behave very similar to a bonfire that radiates heat into the atmosphere.

Your house will become colder as more heat escapes into the outside environment. To compensate for the heat escape, you will need to ramp up your heater, and your energy bill will increase in lockstep.

The temperate air will find a way to escape into the more extreme weather outside through natural processes known as convection, conduction, or radiation. You can stop those three processes by installing insulation in your home. You can do this on your own or call in the pros to use their insulation machines and insulation equipment. Their efforts will prevent the escape of heat to keep the house warm and comfortable during winter and cool during summer. Insulation will help keep your home comfortable during all seasons.