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Welcome to Insulation Industries video page. We have lots of feedback from the contractors in insulation industry requesting as well as recommending the adding a full, in-depth video section to all of our Insulation Industries websites….we listened. With many contractors busy schedules, we understand its not always easy and sometimes even uncomfortable to schedule the viewing of a local contractor or for that matter also a competitors Cool Machine in action. Furthermore its even difficult to justify or have the extra time to visit us in person and take a Cool Machines plant tour, although everyone is always welcome. In closing, we all know that highlighted pictures in our brochure, sometimes still cant cover the full spectrum of what our insulation machines bring to the table. We hope these videos will not only give you a more up close and personal look at our equipments features but also answer questions or further help in the decision and buying process of your next insulation blowing machine.

Below you will find an extensive selection of Cool Machines Inc. equipment, products and machine models with interactive customized zoom features that allow you to view certain machine characteristics with clarity and in detail that highlight the main features and technology, that most definitely set our equipment apart from the other equipment available on the market today.  See for yourself why Cool Machines and Insulation Industries are the industry leaders in contractor development, equipment, innovation, quality and support.

CM700 Insulation Machine



CM1500 Insulation Machine



CM2400 Insulation Machine



CM3500 Insulation Machine



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