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Vacuum Saver

Our new Vac-Saver (patent pending) significantly extends the life of your removal vacuum blade, chamber, engine and hoses. This is a MUST have for any gas removal vacuum owner/operator.  (See removal vacuums here.)

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Our proprietary technology involves a ‘deflecting particle accelerator’ which separates and removes 98% of the solid debris objects from the dry or damp incoming fiber flow and stream ‘before’ coming in contact the and of your vacuum machine components.

Vacuum Saver

VS-Eco Vacuum Saver

  • Designed for use with 11 h.p. and 16 h.p. units
  • Economical solution to protect vacuum
  • Integrated top lid access door allows the unit to be cleared of collected debris
  • Process shutdown required for emptying

Vacuum Saver

VS-XL Vacuum Saver

  • Designed for use with large vacuum systems (CM-23 or double in-line vacuums)
  • Integrated top lid access door allows the unit to be cleared of collected debris
  • Process shutdown required for emptying

Vacuum Saver

VS-Deluxe Vacuum Saver

  • Debris level window lets the operators visually see the units capacity without machine shutdown
  • An integrated Stainless SlideGate lets the operators clear the unit of debris without machine shutdown
  • A removable catch drawer allows for easy debris removal from unit
  • (Optional) Wheel package making this unit even more mobile while hooked-up
  • In-process debris removal – shutdown not required

Foreign objects such roof tear-off debris, nails, stones, tools, and misc. construction materials are  often hidden in insulation when removing fiber from attics and floors. It is virtually impossible to expect any vacuum employee or operator to avoid this problem.

Vacuum Saver Vacuum Saver Vacuum Saver

Foreign objects cause severe damage to the vacuums fan impeller, chamber, as the resulting ‘shock load’ can even cause severe damage the engine itself.

Most commonly, the high speed impeller blade is damaged. The smallest object can bend and fracture welds on the blade causing the impeller to run out-of-balance. This results in reduced bearing life and pre-mature engine failure a life expectancy. A very costly repair not to mention down time on the job.

Similarly with wall spray applications the damp recycle fibers with debris is also often vacuumed back to your blowing machine equipment and can cause machine lock-ups and create damaged airlock seals, augers, shredders and overall machine tension and strain.

The cost of this Vacuum Saver module can pay for itself in full the very first time you damage the impeller blade or machine fan chamber. This is a MUST have product to run in conjunction with your existing removal vacuum system.

Vacuum Saver: Description/Features

Vacuum SaverThe Vacuum Saver debris separator is the size of a small suitcase, and weighs only 80 lbs. while separating and collecting foreign debris from the insulation fibers. This system is connected in-line before the fiber enters the fan/chamber area of your insulation removal vacuum equipment.

This debris separator Vac Saver is a definite “MUST” for any professional insulation removal operation.

This system also offer an impact resistant lexan viewing window allows the operator to visually check the level of debris for timely discharge into the retaining and collection debris tray.

Easily catches all common attic debris materials and foreign objects.

The stainless steel slide gate and track offer a corrosion resistant solution to empty objects while in operation from the container into a retaining tray to be emptied at a later time.

The ergonomically designed carrying handles and optional wheel package offer a convenient means of transporting & setting up on the job-site.

Symmetrical design reduces any chances of improper connection between your vacuum and the suction end of your suction hoses.