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If you want to reduce your electric bill, minimize heating costs, and make the most of your home’s energy use, insulation is the solution. Having a properly insulated home make you more comfortable by keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Types of Insulation

Insulation, large or small, is available in many types

  • loose fill
  • spray foam
  • mineral wool
  • fiberglass
  • batts
  • blankets
  • reflective
  • rigid board

Some insulation is best suited for an entire home while other insulation options are intended for smaller projects, each with varying advantages.

  • Mineral wool insulation offers better fire protection and can act as a sound barrier.
  • Fiberglass insulation often features recycled materials. This is great to reduce waste and lower costs.
  • Another type of insulation that often features recycled materials and wood fibers is cellulose insulation.
  • Reflective insulation can offer additional heat filtering properties.
  • Polystyrene material or foam board insulation can offer moisture protection and thermal resistance.

A thorough check of your home for air leaks can lead to some surprising discoveries. An energy efficiency audit can expose gaps in attic insulation or air leaks between walls. Afterwards, a small investment in proper insulation can lead to big savings.