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One of the most problematic parts of the house when it comes to controlling your home’s temperature is the attic. The main reason for this is that since it is the top-most part of the house, this is where all of the heat or cold converge and accumulate. Here are some contributors to temperature control problems in the attic and the solutions that come with it.

Two Attic Problems and Solutions

Cold air from the outside

During wintertime, the cold air outside of the attic is very dry compared to the warmer air inside. When the outside’s cold air meets with the inside’s warm air, humidity can build up inside your attic. When this occurs, consider placing a moisture vent in your attic.

Automate attic fans

While attic fans are valuable in the summer, they could rob you of valuable heat in the winter. Ensure that your attic fan is set to a switch that you can easily turn off and on. Better yet, enable a switch that detect the heat so it turns on and off automatically for you.