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Spring has started, and it is evident in the blooming fields around us. Spring is the ideal time to tackle some routine home maintenance. Some early spring cleaning and home maintenance will keep your household running smoothly and efficiently as the temperature continues to increase.

Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance

Winter climate can wreck your home’s exterior. Start your spring maintenance with some inspections around your home’s outside, roof, and attic.

Inspect your home’s roof

Your rooftop is your home’s essential protection against the elements. Outwardly assess the roof, searching for indications of missing shingles, holes, leaks, etc. The smallest of leaks in a roof can lead to a laundry list of damages.

  • ruined, wet insulation
  • weakened ceilings
  • damaged support beams
  • critter infestations

For roofs too high to inspect from the ground, hire a professional roofer to perform the examination and make important repairs.

Examine chimneys, windows, and vents

Damaged windows, HVAC vents, chimneys, pipes, etc. should immediately be repaired or replaced.

Clean all gutters

Poor or improper drainage can be another source of water damage to your home. Check for loose and defective gutters and ensure that downspouts are situated to drain away out of your home’s foundation. Make sure to remove blockage or buildup in gutters and downspouts to avoid water backups that can cause backflow into attics, destroying a home’s insulation, drywall, and more.

Service your home’s air conditioner

Nobody deserves to be uncomfortable in unbearable heat during the summer. Having your home’s air conditioner serviced annually will lead to a longer life of comfortable cooling at more affordable costs.

Check seals around windows and entryways

Months of cold winter weather can cause door ways, window seals and other entry points to condense and crack. As spring arrives and the temperatures swing between warm and cool, the constant changes in temperature can magnify the cracks. By examining these areas for repairs you’ll ensure that unwanted heat stays out of sneaking through cracks and that desired cool air from the home’s interior and air conditioning stays inside.

Spring cleaning and waste disposal

Get rid of waste. During the winter we tend to be home-bodies. It’s too cold to go outside. Too cold to clean. Too cold to take bulk waste to the dump. Often times the cold weather is an excuse to avoid proper maintenance of waste, so it builds up. Use spring’s warmer weather as an opportunity to tidy up.

Check smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detector batteries

This is a simple and possibly lifesaving undertaking. Change the batteries in all your home’s detectors as needed. Self explanatory.

Tackling routine maintenance around the home during spring will give you an opportunity to unwind and appreciate your home during the summer.