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It is springtime once again. Finally!

Simple Steps to Secure your Home this Spring

Spring season is considered to be the best season by many. From the cold chills of winter to the bright sun of spring; from a heavy winter coat to a loose spring outfit; from frozen snows to blooming flowers; from isolated roads to parks with children’s playing, there are a lot of outdoor activities that we revisit once again. As spring fever begins to set in, take the time to bring your home out of hibernation, too.

Inspect Your Roof

Inspect every part of your house. Winter can do untold damage that often isn’t seen until it is too late. Make an effort to reveal damages proactively.

Look for holes in your roof, leaks within gutters, wall cracks and also paint cracks. Holes, if not treated immediately, can let critters inside your house or can cause major damage to your home. A hole that starts small can let rainfall in. The hole then grows and can let a storm fill your attic with water, damage home insulation, and flood your home.

Likewise, gutter leaks can cause flooding within a home. Any time of flooding can cause costly repairs. Additionally, flooding may leave behind moisture that leads to mold. Mold can case health problems and house condemnation.

Dust and Clean Everything

The secret to a more comfortable home is to be free from unnecessary dirt and dander; dust. Dust your whole home. Dust floors to ceilings, wall to wall.

Change your bedding, including sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. Changing bedding and curtains not only keep your home clean, but you can use the opportunity to embrace spring colors for a change of pace.

Embrace Landscaping

Trim your plants for a better outdoor ambiance. Cut down those unwanted twigs and long branches that reach your house. Keeping branches at a safe distance also minimizes intrusion by critters and branches from damaging shingles, attics, and spray insulation within walls.