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In the case where you are planning to go on an extended vacation this winter, keep in mind some best practices to keep from coming home to a disaster. Did you know that every year, homeowners return to find freezing water that destroyed their home?

Simple Home Tips For Homeowners Planning to Take a Vacation

Without proper proactive measures, water in pipes can freeze and crack, leading to flooding within the home. Spray Insulation Industries offer the following tips to ensure you return to your home as you left it.

  • Turn off your main water line.
  • After your water line is turned off, flush all toilets to drain their water reserve.
  • If you live in an unusually cold place, or you are referring to a winter cabin, some homeowners will even put antifreeze in their toilets before leaving.
  • Check for leaks in washing machine hoses or drain the water pressure that was ran to the washing machine before the main water line was turned off.

Depending on the extent of your leave, consider saving a few bucks on unnecessary electricity usage by turning off appliances and electronics.

  • TV’s
  • lights
  • kitchen appliances

Also, consider having a friend check in on your home every few days. The longer an issue sits unresolved, greater damage or repair cost is accrued. Having a friend check in on your home will ensure prompt resolution of any issues that arise.