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Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. If you own a home, the weekend is a good excuse to “labor” around the home and make needed improvements. If you’re looking for things to do around the house, here are some suggestions:

Simple Home Improvements You Can Do On Labor Day

  1. Replace old dishwashers to help you save water. A dishwasher that is over nine years old should be replaced by a new one. This can incur some labor costs but is easy enough do on your own with the help of the manual’s installation guide. (Check You Tube, too. There are often helpful installation videos online.) Self-installation may take a little extra time but can save you from having to hire a plumber or electrician.
  2. Repaint your room. Painting your walls and ceilings gives your room a fresh, new look without spending a lot of money.
  3. Add molding. One simple thing that adds beauty to the interior of the house is new crown moldings. Start with a lightweight molding. Installation is relatively simple since there are few difficult angles to work with.
  4. Install a stair runner. Stair runners are another easy way to beautify your home. A chic, classy woven runner is a cheaper alternative to having carpet installed on your stairs. Simply unroll and cut the runner to size.
  5. Add shades and shutters for privacy and appeal. Window coverings such as shutters can add privacy; allow you to control the sun; and add a classy, cozy feeling to homes. As an alternative, install shades to minimize sun and maximize privacy.

Labor Day weekend needn’t be all work, but using the holiday to knock out a few home improvement projects can give you that feeling of accomplishment while improving the appearance of your house. Most of these projects can be accomplished in a day.