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September welcomes Self Improvement Month. While it’s great to take time and reflect on how we can all better ourselves, why not better your home, too? Here are a few considerations to make your home cozier and more comfortable.

Self Improvement Month

  1. Change furnace air filters. Changing your air filters regularly helps keep allergens out of your home as well as lengthens the life of your heating and cooling appliances. Fresh filters mean better air flow. Better air flow means a more efficient heater and air conditioner, which mean a more comfortable home.
  2. Clean air ducts. Do you have a particular area of your home that seems not to be heating or cooling as well as the rest of your home? Something as simple as cleaning your air ducts may help maximize air flow. Some DIY’ers have had success cleaning their air ducts with flex pipe. Or, professional duct cleaners’ rates start at less than $100.
  3. Add a whole-home humidifier. Adding a whole-home humidifier will help you breathe better, and can keep you a bit warmer in the upcoming, dry winter months. Yes, it’s true. Moisture can heat your body. Your body finds the moisture complimentary to your temperature. Adding a whole-home humidifier to your furnace could allow you to drop your thermostat a few degrees during upcoming winter months, all while feeling just as comfortable and warm.