FanZip – Attic Fan Insulator 40″x40″x24″


The FanZip™ Insulator is a simple solution to a major problem in homes with attic whole house fans.  Traditional whole house fans leak air between the attic and living spaces. This can result in dirty cold or hot attic air entering your home. On the other hand, air leakage through the whole house fan from your home can create a negative pressure in your home. This negative pressure can draw outside air into your home through your fireplace or other unsealed openings.Whether the external air enters your home from outside through unsealed openings or leaks through your whole house fan, it makes your air conditioning and heating unit run longer. In cold climates, infiltration of warm moist air into your attic can cause water damage through condensation and may create ice. Preventing attic air leaks into your living space is the most efficient way to lower your energy costs and prevent problems in your home or attic.
The FanZip™Attic Fan Insulator unit attaches to the attic side of the whole house fan frame. It, in effect, seals off the opening in your attic stopping either the superheated or super-cold air in the attic from invading the living area. It uses a zippered top with a low profile opening for easy access to service the fan motor or belt. The FanZip Attic Fan Insulator has an effective R Value of 13. If desired additional insulation can be installed over the insulator during downtime between seasonal use.