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Cool Machines Cool Vac 23 C2U123-20 Insulation Vacuum Machine

$5,250.00 $4,750.00

Cool Vac 23 is an industry first of having a low cost replaceable liner or wear strip inside fan chamber allowing a lower cost solution.

Cutting Edge Features

  • The industry ‘first’ of having a low cost replaceable ‘liner’ or wear strip inside the fan chamber allows a lower cost solution to the extreme wear caused by highly abrasive fibers and foreign debris passing thru the chamber.
  • A specially designed ‘turbo-sonic – FC’ blade creates fan tip turbulence eliminating any wet fiber accumulation or build-up on the fan blade and chamber area.
  • High abrasion resistant fan blades are robotically welded with ‘solid’ welds to reduce the chance of a catastrophic failure due to operational stress.
  • Precision, dynamic computerized balancing provides a smooth running blade with minimal wear to engine bearings.
  • Powder coated heavy gauge welded steel construction.


  • Briggs/Stratton 23 hp Vanguard Engine
  • 20? diameter turbo blade (fully welded, curved tips)
  • No load pressure equals a maximum of 28 inches of water column
  • CFM rating is 3,600
  • Hardox Lined turbine chamber


Keep up with the ‘new’ and innovative retro-fit attic standards. Building science experts and weatherization professionals alike have proven with ‘new age’ diagnostic techniques (blower door testing and thermal imaging), that ‘air sealing’ attics and eave areas with high density foam, caulking, and re-insulation, provides the highest performance and energy savings.

In older homes, the only way to properly locate breaches, air leaks, and thermal bypass areas in the attic is to totally remove the attic insulation. Once removed, critical areas can be identified, easily accessed, caulked or foam sealed, and re-insulated. Many times old insulation (due to moisture, odors, and pest control issues), needs to be removed and replaced.

All professional insulation contractors must have an effective solution….

An ‘Insulation Removal Vacuum’.

Cool Machines introduces the industry’s highest rated heavy duty wet/dry Gas Vacuum with innovative cutting edge design features. The Cool-Vac 16 is versatile, portable, and extremely high production, reducing labor time and increasing profitability. Insulation is quickly and efficiently removed from attics, sidewalls, and crawl spaces with ease.

This unit is designed to handle fire, water, and smoke damaged insulation, as well as damp wall cavity recycle with dependability and speed.

Fiber intended for recycling can be conveyed directly to your spray machine for reuse.

Waste insulation material can be discharged directly into 75 cu. ft. disposable bags (purchased separately), or directly into a truck or dumpster.

Insulation fibers in older homes can be highly abrasive Rockwool and fiberglass fibers with an abundance of small objects, foreign debris, and wet sticky fibers. This inherently causes extreme wear on fan blade and chamber as well as progressive accumulation of wet fibers. The annual cost of fan blade and chamber replacement due to wear and tear can exceed $1000 depending on frequency of use.

How is our vacuum different?

Our abrasion resistant, dynamically balanced fan and low cost replaceable chamber wear strip, is the ‘first’ in our industry to reduce annual costs. The ‘Turbo-Sonic’ blade design eliminates the need for regular cleaning and service to the chamber.

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Weight 250 lbs