Cool Machines CM350024-4 Insulation Machine 4 Blower


Cool Machines CM3500 Systems offer streamlined, efficient insulation machine modules that are both simple to use and easy to repair.

Provides both the start-up contractor and the high production installers solutions that makes sense. Combined with the total systems approach, all CM-3500's can be transported in a truck or trailer to the job-site and set-up to spray within minutes. Our efficiently designed systems with self contained, heated, water tanks and 17.5kw gas generators provide all the necessities for a portable self-sustaining spray system; along with the added feature of jobsite power hookup to save fuel and maintenance costs.

Production Rates
Material Rate
Cellulose 5000 lbs/hr.
Fiberglass 1800 lbs/hr.
Rockwool 2200 lbs/hr.
Wall Spray Cellulose 40 bags/hr.



  • Slow speed ‘scalping’ augers extend component life and enhance safety
  • High speed turbo-shredder maximizes conditioning, converage and production
  • Dual stainless Slide Gate controls for metering recycle and dry fiber
  • Gearbox/Motor for low cost replacement

Machine Options

  • Full Hopper Extension
  • Divided Hopper Extension
  • Wireless Remote System
  • CE conformity f/export
  • PD Blower (5 h.p. or 7.5 h.p.)
  • Recycle ‘Vac-Hood’ System (CM-3500VH)
  • Recycle ‘Vac-Pac’ System (CM-3500VP)


  • Weight – 1350 lbs.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 83 x 24 x 85 inches
  • Hopper Capacity
    • Dry – 16.5 ft.3
    • Recycle – 7.5 ft.3
    • Total – 24 ft.3 (46 ft.3 w/ Hopper Extension)
  • Airlock size
    • 12″ dia. x 24″ long, 4.0 p.s.i. w/ 4″ output tube
  • Drive motor – 2 HP
  • Blowers
    • 13.7 amp. /140 c.f.m. – 4 Blower Box
    • Economical choice that will meet most contractors’ needs. The service life of the blower is approx. 1200 to 1500 hrs., and can be replaced for a few hundred dollars each
  • Power Requirements
    • 30 amp. 240 volt, single input (Blower Box)
    • 20 amp. 480 volt, single input (PD Blower)
    • 25 amp. 380 volt, single input (PD Blower)

Additional information

Weight 1350 lbs