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There are plenty of portable insulation machines on the market, but Cool Machines CM1500HP stands out for a number of reasons. It works with fiberglass, cellulose, and Rockwool. It is a high-octane blower capable of pressures of 4.5-pounds per square inch with airlock assembly that exceeds the standard requirements for dense packing and retrofit insulations.

Product Feature: Cool Machines CM1500 HP

The CM1500 HP is a perfect blower for building contractors who typically handle small insulation contracts that require a portable machine with low power needs. This machine is small but offers higher production capacity similar to that of larger insulation machines.

The CM1500 HP features innovative ‘scalping’ augers, which are designed to break compressed bales into smaller, even pieces. The smaller pieces allow for optimal coverage as they enter the airlock. The scalping augers are situated out of the way, deep into the machine, for a safer working environment. This machine can be outfitted with a double blower system and other optional features to add more power. Also, the base can be extended in order to accommodate larger airlock.


The CM1500 HP insulation machine has the following features that make it a favorite among contractors:

  • 13 cubic foot hopper fiber storage capacity
  • Two integrally mounted 13.7A blowers with check valves and filter protection
  • Large handles that allow for easy transport and handling
  • Precise fiber control with slide gate control
  • Fast airlock access with the quick-release hopper (also good for easy transport and handling)
  • Easy access to airlock that allows for quick replacement and service of the airlock seal
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Quick maintenance troubleshooting because of the modular design with transparent access panel
  • 8.4-inch diameter magnum super blower (provides strong air power blower output)
  • Impressive safety features: kill switch, manual override controls (for tighter operator control and fast hazard reaction time)
  • Equipped with LED panel indicator lights that allow for instant electrical diagnostics
  • Ergonomic hose-release design

If you’re in the market for a portable machine that works for small insulation jobs but delivers like a much larger machine, the CM1500 HP is well worth your consideration.