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Machines make it easy to insulate spaces. Most insulation machines are designed to blow loose-fill materials such as cellulose, fiberglass, or wool. When you try to insulate without a machine, the process could take many hours. In addition, you could be exposed to a number of hazards, such as inhalation of small fibers, which could harm your health.

Product Feature: Cool Machines CM 1500-2/9/13.7 Insulation Machine Dual Blower

If you are looking for a machine, both brand new and used insulation machines are available. The Cool Machines CM 1500-2/9/13.7 Insulation Machine Dual Blower is one of the most popular models on the market.

The Cool Machines CM 1500-2/9/13.7 Insulation Dual Blower can handle fiberglass, cellulose, and rockwool, including damp recycle fiber that may be used for wall spray. It has a high-pressure blower with 4.5 p.s.i. spray capacity and airlock assembly that exceeds the basic requirements needed to retrofit and dense pack sidewalls.

This is a perfect model for small insulation contractors who need the flexibility of a portable machine and low power requirements while maintaining the higher production yield of large machines. The blower is equipped with innovative scalping augers. They can break compressed bales into smaller chunks and provide even coverage. The machine does not have long paddles that tend to wear and bend. Its augers are located deep inside the machine, to ensure a very safe working environment.

In one hour, the machine is able to blow 2,200 pounds of cellulose, 900 pounds of fiberglass, or 1,400 pounds of rockwall.

This model weighs just 350 pounds. The airlock is 14 inches in length and 20 inches in diameter. Power is provided by a 7,500-watt generator. The machine has a hopper capacity of 13 cubic feet.

For fast, convenient, high-capacity insulation work, check out the Cool Machines CM 1500-2/9/13.7 Insulation Machine Dual Blower.