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Blown-in insulation refers to insulation materials that are installed in the attic, walls, or floors of a house or building. Blown-in insulation materials are widely used in hard-to-reach areas of homes or buildings where other types of insulation materials may prove difficult to install. Blown-in materials are installed using insulation machines that blow loose-fill insulation materials such as fiberglass, mineral wool, or cellulose.

Product Feature: Capitol Machine Model 125

An insulation machine makes home insulation fast and easy. Installing insulation without a machine could take hours and even days, but a machine could finish the same type of job in a very short period.

There are many types of insulation machines on the market. Here’s a top-selling one:

Capitol Machine Model 125

The Capitol Machine Model 125 is one of the best and most widely used blowing machines in the industry. PTO, gas or diesel can power this machine. It is a tough machine that is almost impossible to destroy because of its series-4 positive displacement blowers. This machine is better off plumbed outside the trailer or truck to allow the blower to take in fresh air.

The Capitol Machine Model 125 can be fitted with different types of engines. These include the Kubota water-cooled PTO, gas, or diesel engine; Honda GX 690 air-cooled engine; and Kohler 25 HP electric start engine.

This blowing machine has the following features: check valve, take-up bolts, engine, blower, material control gate, drive tighteners, #50 chain and sprockets, weight-loaded air pressure control, two shaft finger type shredder, handy work shelf, removable shredder panel, and quick change seals.

The blowing machine comes equipped with a U-shaped steel feeder and steel rotor. In one hour, it is capable of blowing 100 bags of fiberglass, 200 bags of cellulose, and 130 bags of rock wool. The machine weighs 1,500 pounds and measures 56”x75”x71”.