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Blown insulation equipment makes insulating a space or augmenting existing insulation easy. This type of equipment is designed to handle loose-fill materials, including cellulose, mineral wool, and fiberglass. The type of insulation depends on the area to be filled. A fiber blowing machine may be an excellent choice for hard-to-reach spaces. Insulation machines vary in their reliability, versatility, and production rate.

Product Feature: Brute Wall Spray System

One of the most popular pieces of equipment on the market is the Brute WS Wall Spray System. The Brute WS Wall Spray System has a 20-inch airlock feeder, 12-inch dry side, and 8-inch recycle side. It comes equipped with an air volume control and two electromagnetic clutches for powerful and smooth operation. The system draws its power from the truck to which it is attached.

With the Brute WS Wall Spray System, there is no need to bring in a separate vacuum machine. The Brute WS has a built-in vacuum for material removal. The machine can be operated using a 150-feet 12V wired remote control. Buyers can opt for the wireless remote option.

The Brute WS comes with two spray hoses: a 150-foot, four-inch Mark II hose and a 150-foot, 3-inch Mark II hose. You can easily interchange hoses depending on your needs. It is also equipped with a 150-feet ¼-inch high-pressure water line.

The Brute WS Wall Spray System will be delivered with the following:

  • Large 3-section hose reel that makes hose laying and retraction easy and convenient
  • Wall scrubber to ensure that the insulation material will stick to the surface
  • 3-inch spray nozzle with tips
  • 325-gallon water tank that is built in an insulated box
  • 5,500-watt power inverter
  • Water pump
  • Side access doors in the truck box

This machine can cover roughly 1300 square feet of 2’ x 6’ walls in an hour. It is capable of blowing 135 bags of cellulose or 45 bags of fiberglass per hour. Customer reviews show that this is one of the best insulation machines that your money could buy.