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Spray insulation equipment is designed to blow loose-fill insulation materials that include cellulose, wool, or fiberglass. An insulation machine makes the process of insulating a space quick and easy. Without a machine, the process is far more time-consuming and arduous. Insulation machines will also protect the installer from small fibers that could harm their health.

Product Feature: Brute 3 Insulation Blower

Many types of insulation machines can be purchased today. The Brute 3 insulating machine is a highly efficient, reliable product. It comes with a gas, diesel, or electric engine and has a fully sealed 18-inch blow-through air lock feeder and a positive displacement blower for moving gas or air as needed.

This insulating machine is equipped with an air bleed system with a panel-mounted gauge. It is easy to change the speed of the machine with its four-speed transmission. It has heavy-duty gearboxes and a material control slide. The Brute 3 is equipped with durable electric clutches, allowing for the quick engagement or disengagement of the engine from the blower.

The operation of this insulating machine is seamless because of the automatic backflow check valves. It also offers an automatic pressure relief valve to prevent pressure build up. The insulating machine can be operated safely because of the built-in electrical and mechanical overload protection system. Self-aligning sealed bearings and adjustable drive belts protect the moving parts of the machine. The insulating machine can be operated using a wired remote control. Integrated safety features are provided for a safe and efficient operation.

The Brute 3 insulation machine has a maximum feed rate of 4,800 lbs. per hour of cellulose insulation; 2,100 lbs. per hour of fiberglass insulation; and 3,300 lbs. per hour of rock wool insulation. The Brute 3 insulation machine is one of the highest-quality machines available on the market today.