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The tell tale signs that mark the end of summer can be observed all around us – days are getting shorter, and the temperature is beginning to dip. As fall approaches, many homeowners are busy getting their properties ready for unpredictable weather. Preparing your home for fall will prevent problems that might require costly repairs.

Prepare Your Home for Cool Weather Ahead

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The following are some of the steps you could take to get your home ready for cool weather ahead:

  • Have your air conditioning unit serviced – After working all summer long, your home air conditioning unit will get a reprieve as temperatures dip. Before you turn it off for the fall and winter, make sure to thoroughly clean it, giving special attention to the coils.
  • Clean your gutters – Fallen leaves and debris have likely accumulated in your gutter. Clogged gutters will cause water to flow down the side of your home, eventually damaging the foundation or flooding parts of your house.
  • Fertilize your lawn – Applying fertilizer to your lawn will enable it to withstand the harsh conditions of winter and grow faster in spring. Fertilizer will invigorate the roots and blades of the grass, producing a thick and healthy lawn before frost arrives.
  • Clean and store your lawn equipment – You will not be using your lawnmower once the temperatures plunge. Clean it, drain the fuel, and put it in storage.
  • Shut off and drain outdoor faucets, sprinklers, and irrigation systems – If you leave water in pipes, they could burst when the temperatures reach freezing point. Draining them of water will ensure that you will be able to use them come spring.
  • Clean your chimney – Ensure that your chimney is in good shape before you light up your fireplace for the winter. Thoroughly inspect your chimney to ensure that there is no blockage inside, such as a squirrel or bird’s nest. Check for cracks to prevent the entry of smoke and carbon monoxide into your house. Chimney inspection and cleanup is a tough job, so if you don’t have a lot of experience in this area, call the professionals.

Finally, have your home insulation checked, especially if you live in an older house. The insulation may not be sufficient to keep your house warm throughout the cold months. If you need a better barrier, call on a professional to add insulation material to your home with the help of high-performing Krendl Insulation Machines.