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If you are an insulation contractor who wants to please your customers but still protect your bottom line, you need an inexpensive yet high-quality insulation-blowing machine. While there are many insulation-blowing machines available on the market today, not all of them will withstand the test of time.

New Year, New Insulation Blowing Equipment

Spray Insulation Industries

The founder of Spray Insulation Industries is an experienced entrepreneur and installer whose expertise covers a wide range, including marketing, sales, and testing and research to develop the most cutting edge fiber insulation machines in the industry. Spray Insulation Industries specializes in contractor development systems and services that are geared toward the unique needs of its individual clients. We have incorporated an extensive array of services that include consulting for new startups, marketing, and crew and equipment training.

We carry new and used spray insulation machines and blowing equipment as well as hoses and accessories. We distribute well-known national brands such as Krendl, Cool Machines, and Intec.

Krendl Machines

Our line of Krendl insulation machines includes:

  • Krendl 475 Insulation Machine Blower – This machine is capable of blowing up to 2100 pounds an hour of cellulose or up to 700 pounds an hour of fiberglass. It has a double input, 15/15 amps (each/120 volt/60 hz). It has a 14 cubic foot hopper capacity and a 2”by 10” airlock.
  • KS-260 Wall Spray System – This Krendlmachine has a capacity of 4,200 pounds of cellulose per hour and an approximately 73 cubic feet capacity on a 10hp blower system. Options include a60kw generator or a 60kw to100 hp diesel engine.

Cool Machines

Cool Machines has plenty of insulation blowing machines for different kinds of jobs, including the popular CM1500 HP insulation machine. The CM1500 HP is a perfect blower for building contractors who typically handle small insulation contracts that require a portable machine with low power needs. This machine is small but offers the same higher production capacity of larger insulation machines.

Intec Machines

One of our top selling Intec machines is the Wasp. It has capacity for 1750 pounds per hour of cellulose, 475 pounds per hour of fiberglass, or 1115 pounds per hour of rockwool. The machine has a 3-inch house outlet, a 12-inch steel air lock, and two stage blowers.

For your contracting needs, or even if you are a do-it-yourself insulator, there is a spray insulation-blowing machine that is perfect for you at Spray Insulation Industries.