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When we hear the word “poison” we immediately think of toxic chemicals. A dramatic association to the word poison isn’t always the most accurate, as even the smallest of household items can “poison” your airways. This week is National Poison Prevention week, and as homeowners, this opportunity should be taken to do a little bit of clean up and maintenance around the house.

National Poison Prevention Week

Good safety around the house includes when you find yourself doing cleanup or maintenance. Depending on the task at hand, proper protection gear and outerwear are a must. A long sleeve shirt and pants can protect your skin from undesirable exposure. Safety goggles can protect your eyes from accidental strikes. Dust masks can protect your lungs from nasty airborne particles.

The attic isn’t the most exciting room in a home. However, it often houses our valuables and storage. Or, many use their attic to store the less desirable things that we want hanging around the house. This means attics often house cleaning supplies or old, dirty, dusty boxes of stuff. Moisture can another attic concern, as unexpected moisture can lead to mold and mildew, horrible toxins.

When using an attic for storage make sure not to store anything toxic. Additionally, make sure that your piles of storage do not block your home’s ventilation. Blocked ventilation could lead to a back-flow of toxic air from furnace, kitchen, and oven ventilation systems.

As you can see, poisonous exposure can come from unexpected sources. Be vigilant. Take advantage of National Poison Prevention Week as an opportunity to tidy up the home and minimize your exposure from preventable sources of poisonous exposures.