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They say, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ There is no guarantee that a talented person will succeed in life, but for a hard working person, the chances of success is much higher. But what makes it so?

What Motivates You to Become a Work-a-holic?

On the celebration of Work-a-holics Day, Spray Insulation Industries has listed down the top reasons why hard-working people are most likely to succeed. However, the difference and the similarities between a hard-worker and a work-a-holic should be cited.

Firstly, hard-workers find pleasure in work, which is also the same most of the time for work-a-holics. But the first sees work as a pleasurable or an enjoyable thing, hence work ceases to be work or an obligation that pushes one to accomplish. Needless to say, for a hard-worker, accomplishing a task is fueled by his strong motivation to accomplish something. But as for the work-a-holic, work is an outlet to veer away from the unwanted feelings that they may harbor. May it be from an unhappy family life or frustrations, hence making work as his / her outlet to escape from his mundane life.

Secondly, hard-workers keep a work-life balance, hence they know when they needed to focus on their work and they know when it is time to bond with their family. For a work-a-holic, however, work is more important than anyone and anything else. So their family life will most likely suffer and their relationship with his / her peers may not be great as well.

Lastly, hard-workers find pleasure in work. They enjoy a sense of fulfillment after accomplishing a great task. But for a work-a-holic, they just need to get things done. Although the distinction between a hard-worker and a work-a-holic is thin, especially that some hard-workers are exhibiting some of the traits of the work-a-holics. It is, however, important to also understand their motivations.

  1. The rewards and recognitions after your hard work is quite rewarding and fulfilling.
  2. The awards in the workplace and industry and your popularity will bring forth perks and privileges. This also includes better services like a good health plan for you and your family, nice house, travels and a great working atmosphere.

But regardless you are a hard-worker or a work-a-holic, you value work and you are good at it. So, whether you call yourself one over the other, your chances of success are far greater than those who find no enjoyment and fulfillment at work.