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President’s Day seems to be an ever-growing spectacle of sales for home appliances. Instead of spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily on new appliances, why not optimize the appliances that you already have for maximum savings?

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

  • Wash clothes in cold water.
  • Use your window shades properly. Open up the blinds to let the sun in for free heat during cold days. And as spring and summer’s warmer days approach, close blinds to save on cooling costs.
  • To save on electricity, turn off lights, appliances and electronics when not in use.
  • Change to new and improved light bulbs. Reduce energy used lighting your home by as much as 80% with today’s increasing number of energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Use low-flow faucets and shower heads to save on water bills.
  • Clean or change A/C filters regularly. A dirty furnace or A/C filter will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep the home cool. A harder working A/C means more cost.
  • Reduce your water heater’s temperature by a few degrees to save energy and money. If your water heater is older, try wrapping it in a specially-designed “blanket” to retain the heat better without having to invest in a new water heater.
  • Seal air leaks and properly insulate your attic and walls. Proper insulation blown into your home could save you 20% on your heating and cooling expenses.

If you find yourself unavoidably looking at new appliances, look for the Energy Star label. Appliances with this label are energy efficient and could save you up to 30% on related electricity bills.