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It’s that time of the year again, Thanksgiving. This means endless eats and enjoyable company of friends and family. A cozy and comfortable home welcomes
the Thanksgiving spirit with no less than a bang. Here are some quick tips to bring a home up to speed for Thanksgiving guests.

Make Your Home Comfortable and Cozy This Thanksgiving

Maximize space and expect heavy foot traffic. Devise a way where there is adequate walking space between the kitchen, living room, and other socializing
areas. Anticipating the number of guests can help you maximize the arrangement of your home. The arrangement should be comfortable and accommodating to
your guests.

Further comfort starts with the right temperature. When it is cold outside, walking into a heated home is an inviting experience. A properly heated home in
the middle of winter is not only inviting, but it also keeps the mood joyous, too. When the temperature is sufficiently warm, it signals the brain to
function and the body to move.

Make sure your home is insulated. A qualified insulation company can check the R-rating and density of your insulation. Fully qualified weatherization
specialists can also check your doorways, windows, etc. for energy leaks.

Insulation maximizes your home’s comfortable temperature retention while minimizing your heating and cooling system’s energy consumption.

However you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving, aim for a comfortable, welcoming setting. Happy Thanksgiving.