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The Krendl vacuum recycler upgrade is intended for fiber insulation.

Passages stay clear thanks to rubber wipers.

Easy hopper removal thanks to hinge latches.

Clean up is easy with removable screens.

Minimize dust with filter bags.

Dual agitators condition fibers.

6″ inlet and outlet for easy hose connections.

25 foot remote cord and 50 foot of 110 volt power cord.

Safety switches, pre-alarm, disconnect shutdown, and emergency kill switch.

At 654 pounds (550/VH550) and 240 pounds (GV180) the Krendl vacuum recycler upgrade measures 38″W x 25 1/2″D x 77″H (550/VH550) and 27″W x 36″D x 45″H (GV180) and has a 10 cubic foot hopper capacity (550/VH550) with 11amps vertical agitator and 15 amps airlock motor (10″ x 12″ diameter airlock).  Outlet and inlet measure 3 inches.

Krendl Vacuum Recycler Upgrade