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The Krendl GV230 Insulation Vacuum is a powerful insulation tool. It takes all recycled fiber materials from the work area and sends them to the vacuum hopper. Then, air passes into the hopper where it is filtered into output.

Krendl GV230 Insulation Vacuum

The vacuum carries a Briggs and Stratton motor that produces an impressive 23 HP. Priced at a reasonable $5,152, the machine is a steal with all the features it offers to the user.

The Krendl keeps operators safe from electrocution thanks to its safety mode switches for both output and input purposes. You can pull it, because it has 11-inch tires on its base. This makes moving it around easy and safe. The powder coating it has on the outer layer gives it the ability to resist corrosion and rust. This features make the GV230 last longer than the competition.

The powerful machine has an impressive steel fan that measures 18 inches in diameter.
The steel fans along with the 23 horsepower motor enable production of 9,000 pounds per hour. As an added feature, the machine will shut off immediately if the hose detaches.

The big perk of the Krendl GV230 is that it allows for a very clean work space. The gas-run insulation vacuum draws in the material and quickly turns it into output. It can be filtered into a disposable reclaim bag. The end result is that the otherwise messy project of insulating becomes a very clean one. One important caution, though, is that all metals, stones, and other solid fragments must be taken out of the insulation before starting to vacuum.

Packages are available with the Krendl GV230. The packages include:

  • (9) 341 6-inch hose clamps
  • (3) pieces of VH550-5 6-inch tubes for connecting steel
  • (5) H430 Flexhaust hoses (6” x 25”).