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An insulation-blowing machine makes the process of insulating a space or replacing the worn-out or old insulation easy. Most insulation machines are designed to handle different loose-fill insulation materials such as fiberglass, cellulose, mineral, or wool. It can take many hours to insulate a space without using an insulation machine. With a machine, however, you can finish the job in a few hours. Professional insulation contractors choose their insulation machine based on its production rate, reliability, and versatility.

Krendl 425 All-Fiber Insulation Machine

There are plenty of insulation machines on the market today. Krendl 425 All-Fiber Insulation Machine – Var Speed Control is commonly used by professional insulation contractors. It is designed for high production, and yet it requires very minimal maintenance work. The machine is best suited for small professional insulation contractors or do-it-yourself insulators.

The Krendl 425 All-Fiber Insulation Machine uses a one-half horsepower gear motor that is totally enclosed and fan cooled. It has a removable hopper that allows easy and quick access to the airlock. It also comes equipped with safety guards that will minimize the risks of accidents for operator safety.

The machine’s modular component design allows quick disassembly or reassembly when performing maintenance or repair work. The blower filter design requires less filter maintenance for continuous operation. The machine is provided with 100 feet of hardwire remote control cord for ease of operation.

The Krendl 425 All-Fiber Insulation Machine has the following product features:

  • Weighs 230 lbs.
  • Measures 36?W x 21?D x 44?H
  • Power requirements: For 12.5 amp blower – 120volt/60hz double input, 15amps each
  • The machine production rate is 1200 lbs. per hour for cellulose and 300 lbs. per hour for fiberglass.

When you place an order for the Krendl 425 All-Fiber Insulation Machine, you can also order the following optional accessories:

  • Wheel package
  • Hose reel
  • Hose
  • Extension cord

The Krendl 425 All-Fiber Insulation Machine is one of the highest quality machines on the market and makes insulation work fast and convenient.