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Your eyes are among your most essential features. Eyes give the gifts of sight. What a wonderful experience seeing shapes, depths, and millions of colors. Did you know that your eyes also help set the pace of our internal clocks? Eyes are among the most amazing, yet, most defenseless features of our body. As insulators and contractors, wearing protective eyewear is a must. Your livelihood depends on it.

Insulators and Healthy Vision Month

In recognition of Healthy Vision Month, here are some basic considerations to support happy, healthy vision.

  • Obviously, always wear protective eye safety wear.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct light.
  • Avoid eyestrain – exhausted eyes cause vision impairment.
  • Keep eyes moist. If working in a particularly dry area, use eye drops or a humidifier to keep eyes comfortable and to minimize scratching of the surface area of eyes.
  • Get checked out. Just like your body needs a regular checkup, so do your eyes. A bit of preventative maintenance and well-checks can go a long way in maintaining healthy vision.