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Insulation Removal Vacuum Machines

insulation removal

Our full line of rugged, powerful vacuums offers a choice for any application with any budget.

These new & improved vacuums are more durable and maintenance free than ever.

Direct Drive with large diameter turbine impeller = high tip speed, low maintenance and noise levels while providing the highest production in the industry.

An industry first: AR-400 1/4″ steel chamber band eliminates the need for a replaceable liner. Our AR-400 steel fan blades offer 3x’s the wear life. Combined with our proprietary ‘Vacuum Saver’ design (optional), objects are removed from the fiber ‘before’ causing catastrophic damage to the impeller fan, chamber, and engine.

Our vacuums are portable, versatile, and high production to reduce labor time and increase profitability. These multi-purpose vacuums can be used for attic insulation removal, wall spray recycle recovery, foam-vac processing, and more…

Grow your business and increase profits by offering more services.

  • Insulation removal & air sealing package can offer the homeowner as much as 30% to 40% energy savings.
  • Older attic insulation, (due to moisture, pest control issues and odors) needs to be removed and replaced.
  • Wall spray fiber intended for recycling can be conveyed directly to your spray machine for reuse.
  • We have the industry’s highest rated, heavy duty, wet/dry Gas Vacuums with cutting edge design features.

Adding a high production, gas powered insulation removal vacuum to your new or existing insulation, critter/pest, fire department, weatherization, or even energy audit business as a great way to expand your current contractor services. We offer both a 12 horsepower and a 16 horsepower gas powered insulation removal vacuum to ensure we have the right vacuum for your proper application and removal needs.

Cool Machines insulation removal vacuums

Now available in a stronger 23hp model, or cost effective and powerful 6.5hp version.

We have designed our CV series removal vacuums to be efficient, quick and hassle free. Our vacuums offer a powder coated finish as well as have the most solid warranty in the industry. Our high production vacuums improve production while reducing added labor costs and increasing overall job profits. The CV 12 and 16 insulation vacuums can be used to remove both wet and dry fiber materials such as, but not limited to cellulose, fiberglass, and rockwool amongst most popular. The CV series vacuums can be used for new construction wallspray insulation for sucking damp cellulose or fiberglass recycled material from the home or building back out to the the contractors truck or trailer mounted spraying equipment.

Cool Machines removal vacuumOther common insulation removal vacuum uses are insulation removal before remodels and addition building projects, substantial moisture, water, fire and smoke damaged attics, walls, floors or crawl spaces as well as a wide range of animal damage,nesting and pest guano. Our vacuums can dispense your removed materials either into a job site provided dumpster or large durable 75 cubic foot collection bags. Our removal vacuums are the industry’s first to have independent removable and replaceable individual fan blades rather that a costly repair forcing the contractor to replace the whole chambers single unit like other vacuums on the market today.

Also, boasting a hypersonic and balanced design you’ll get the most production for your horse power and hourly operating cost. Lastly the CV series insulation removal vacuums are the only vacuums to incorporate a removable  internal liner that can be replaced to eliminate fiber,dust,and debris build up, keeping your vacuum running properly.

Extend the life of your removal vacuum with vacuum savers.

vacuum saver

Extend the life of your removal vacuum with vacuum savers.

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We also offer Intec insulation removal vacuums.  Click here.

Intec insulation removal vacuums