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Insulation Machine Warranty

Insulation Industries offers the industries most comprehensive, solid equipment warranties.  We pride ourselves on our extended 36 month warranties on all of our manufactures brands of new insulation equipment purchases and 12 month warranties on our pre-owned refurbished insulation blowing and spraying machines equipment.

Our advertised and honored warranties cover all mechanical and electrical machine and equipment components and will replace said items or parts resulting in need of repair or replacement costs, as well as shipping costs.  Any broken or damaged machine part resulting in failure from factory defect or craftsmanship, manufacture assembly from original advertised or promoted performance and or production are applicable for warranted conditions.

Contractors will be asked to provide proof of routine equipment maintenance, pictures, and a return of the broken or damaged part within 14 days of any warranty claim. In the event the failure or damage is deemed as employee error, lack of routine maintenance, abuse, employees under the influence of any controlled substance, acts of god/mother nature, vehicular accidents, or natural wear and tear items that require replacement routinely under our routine and maintenance legal disclaimer, these items will not be covered. Insulation Industries warranty conditions and terms are null and void under the previously mentioned circumstances.  While Insulation Industries is not liable to honor any warranties under the above situations, Insulation Industries will honor rather the original OEM replacement parts in these non-warrantied situations at a full dealer 15% discount.