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The insulation inside your house plays an important factor in controlling your home’s internal temperature during extreme weather seasons. The most popular choice of insulation fiber is fiberglass for homes and other forms of residential establishments. Fiberglass is available in batts that look like rolled-up thick blankets. The batts are designed to fit the attic and between walls. Another form of fiberglass is fibers that are loose which insulation machines apply through blowing.

Your Insulation Should Last You a Century of Service

By observing and following the manufacturers instructions when installing insulation, the resulting project could last for a very long time, sometimes even a whole century.

100-year insulation

Fiberglass insulation is expected to provide 100 years of insulation service provided that the condition of following the manufacturer’s installation instructions is followed. Some manufacturers write this guarantee down as the lifespan of the homes or building.

Factors that may affect the service lifespan of fiberglass insulation

On top of the list that reduces the life service of fiberglass insulation material is compacting and settling. To prevent these conditions from happening, the material should always maintain a fluffy texture just as how it appeared during the first installation. Compacting of the fiberglass material occurs when the material starts to absorb excess moisture from holes in the roof that leak excess moisture. From that, the fiberglass material begins to settle into its compressed shape. As long as the fiberglass is in its original position, it can easily be fluffed up again with the use of protected hands.

If you plan to make your fiberglass insulation in your walls and attic last the full one-hundred years, you need to check your walls, ceilings, roofs and attic of holes where excess moisture can creep in. Click here for more tips on attic care to maximize your insulation’s lifespan and other home efficiency tips.