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When it comes to checking if your home is properly insulated, the best thing to do is to call in the professionals for a thorough audit. But, if the DIY’er in you just can’t get enough, here are two items that you can check on your own.

Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

1. When your attic is your storage facility. This is the sad truth for many families – they use their attics as storage space to keep boxes and boxes of old toys and clothes and just about everything and anything of memories past. These boxes could be taking up valuable space that should otherwise be used for insulation.

2. There is snow melting on your roof and in only that area. This is an easy identifier that signifies that your home is not properly insulated. If snow starts to melt on your roof and you still see that these is snow or ice in other places, then your attic is insufficiently insulated. This uneven melting represents heat escaping in some areas of your attic and not others.