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As temperatures heat up this summer, remember that energy efficiency can keep you cool while saving money and preserving Earth’s precious energy resources.

Home Energy Efficiency Tips For Spring

Here are a dozen easy tips for homeowners to consider.

  1. Use your window shades. Close blinds on the sunny side in a summer to keep out the hot sun, and reduce energy use from air-conditioners.
  2. Turn off all lights, appliances and electronics when not in use. (Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective!)
  3. Wash clothes in cold water. This will save on water heater (gas) usage.
  4. Change to new and improved light bulbs. Reduce energy use by about a third to as much as 80% with today’s increasing number of energy-efficient halogen, incandescent, or LED lightbulbs.
  5. Look for the Energy Star label, the government’s symbol of energy efficiency, on a wide range of electronics to save up to 30% on related electricity bills.
  6. Use low-flow faucets and shower heads to save on water bills.
  7. Clean or change air conditioner filters regularly. A dirty furnace or A/C filter will slow down airflow and make the system unnecessarily use more power and work harder to keep your house cool.
  8. Reduce water heater temperature a few degrees to save energy and money for heating water. Another option is to wrap your water storage tank in a specially-designed “blanket” to retain the heat without any power usage.
  9. Seal air leaks and properly insulate to save big on heating and cooling bills, while also increasing home comfort.
  10. After power interruptions (blackouts or brownouts), avoid turning on all devices too quickly. Allow your home electronics and power load to stabilize first. This will minimize power spikes.
  11. Cut the cord. Detach from your phone, social media, your computer, etc. Especially at night when you’re more likely to zombie-surf the internet unproductively. This will use less power and could save a few bucks on energy expenses.
  12. Cut out TV, too. Did you know most Americans watch at least 2 hours of television a day? That’s a lot of power that adds up (and wasted time).

Did you see a tip or two that you can take advantage of? Do you have more to add to our list?