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Christmas is a time family gatherings and celebrations. People are visiting, family is traveling. There’s a lot going on. With everyone on the move, the holidays welcome a spike in burglaries and criminal activity. Fortunately, many crimes can be deterred with forward planning and caution. Here are a few holiday tips for homeowners to keep their family safe and comfortable during the holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tips for Homeowners

Mind your Social Status

If you are planning to broadcast your holiday travels and whereabouts to the world, reconsider. Social media is a fast way to disseminate information. Likewise, people looking to make the most out of presented criminal opportunities are paying attention to social media.

Most of us are excited to let everyone know on Twitter and Facebook about our travel plans without knowing that it can lead us and our home to danger. Resist the urge to post a social status update about your holiday travels and the fact that you are not going to be home for the holidays. This is one of the most overlooked ways to protect yourself, yet the easiest to embrace.

Keep doors and windows are locked

Burglars will always look for the path of least resistance when breaking into a home. An open or unlocked window or door will make for easy entry. Before you head outside for holiday travel, make sure that everything is a locked.

Put away valuables

Never leave important or valuable items in plain sight. Secure your valuables before you leave. Find a safe place for your jewelry, extra cash, etc. Make sure that valuables are not visible from windows and doors. And if you have a safe in your home, take advantage of it.

Leave the lights on

Keeping lights on is an easy way to portray an occupied home. Again, criminals prefer the path of least resistance. An occupied home is not of interest for someone to make a fast buck.

Get smart

Investing in a home automation system can provide extra peace of mind. Security systems nowadays allow you, the homeowner, to turn on and off lights day or
night. Did you forget to lock the doors? Find out with the tap of your phone. Want to turn on some interior lights while you’re away? No problem. Smart home automation does it all.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This applies to safety, too. Be proactive and keep your home and family safe for the holidays.