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Benjamin Franklin is an important figure in the history of the United States, and abroad. Whether you remember him as the face on the hundred dollar bill or from elementary stories of him flying a kite during a storm to confirm the conductivity of electricity, Ben Franklin’s true contributions to history span across a variety of fields.

What does Benjamin Franklin have to do with insulation?

Since January 17th is Benjamin’s birthday, we wanted to honor one of the founding fathers of America. What better figure than the original entrepreneur himself, Mr. Franklin? He believed that a union of practical values of thriftiness, hard work, education, community spirit and self-governing institution are the true values of enlightenment. Franklin was a scientist, an inventor, a printer, philosopher, musician, an economist and, of course, a statesman.

Happy Birthday, Ben

Franklin was always proud of his working class roots, as all hard-working entrepreneurs should be. His ethics concentrated on empowerment. He believed that empowering the people is the key to true freedom and progress. Just like Ben Franklin’s philosophy, believes in the same work ethics and advocacy. We believe in helping and empowering small businesses and giving every entrepreneur the opportunity to compete with big companies.

Our ability to support insulation blowing companies, small and large, comes from our experience as contractors ourselves. Even the smallest of hardworking companies underscores the importance of dedication and thriftiness. Through our previous experience, we understand every client’s questions, concerns, needs, and goals.

In recognition of Mr. Franklin’s birthday, we admire him as a beacon of inspiration. Whatever your needs may be, from new and used insulation blower sales, we’re proud to be your partner in business.