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H20 Pump Maintenance

If your using either the M-3 or General water pumps for wallspray insulation, we have put together a quick and easy page with some helpful tips for maintaining optimum performance and pressure for your spray pump and related spraying equipment. Also at the bottom of this page we offer a downloadable pdf water pump users manual for your personal maintenance records, shop, truck, or filed office use. Here are a few simple steps to ensure your getting the most out of your pump as well as routine cleaning and care.

  1. Disassemble the pressure relief valve that controls the pump pressure. Remove internal parts by turning the ‘hex’ turn knob counterclockwise until handle is removed. Remove the internal parts consisting of spring, bullet plunger, and ball bearing and clean with warm water and dish detergent. Use a soft bristled brush or cotton swabs to reach internal parts. Do NOT use hard metal wire brushes.(Note: be certain to assemble parts in same exact position as removed).
  2. Remove and clean mesh filter. A 30 minute submerged soak of the filter in a warm solution of water and powdered Iron Out is a great way to clean these high micron mesh filters. Also check for cracks or holes. Replace if needed. Check the filter enclosure gasket for abnormal or normal wear or cracks
  3.  Check spray tips for wear. How? Turn on pump and set for 200 p.s.i. minimum. Check for smooth evenly distributed spray pattern. If faulty you will see heavier concentrations in spray stream.
  4. If pump is loosing oil,  without a noticeable film build-up around pump head, the oil could be slowly leaking into water stream. You should notice a ‘white’ milky solution exiting from spray nozzle.

If so, cracks could be forming in the diaphragms and pump head will need to be serviced and re-built.

Note: loss of pressure can be caused by air leaking into the intake side of pump. (i.e. pick-up line, leaking or missing gasket between filter housing, dirty or corroded pressure relief valve, or worn diaphragms and head gasket).

To download your own copy of  the water pump users manual please click here or click the download button below.

H20 Pump Maintenance


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