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Remember how hard it was to air seal all of those hard to reach areas in your house and on the job with the big can on top of your foam gun? Then when you flipped your gun upside down to try and fit a little better all you did is blow air out the end? How about how hard it is to hold a patch in place while you’re reaching for your foam gun that you left on the floor, or was it across the room? Those days are gone forever. With the FOAM-STER all you need to do is reach your hip. The can is upside down every time no matter where your reaching, unless you work upside down. So, do what everyone else is doing. Go in guns blazing with the FOAM-STER on your side.

We live in healthy, energy smart times. In a huge campaign to save energy and live healthier, the United States has been educating all of us on the methods used to better our homes. It can be very expensive though, and a lot of people are losing out on valuable benefits because of cost. Our goal is to provide tools to do a better, faster, easier job and reduce the costs.  This gives more people a chance to benefit from these changes.

A foam gun is the main tool used in air sealing homes. However, it is bulky, awkward and never in your hand when you need it. The FOAM-STER takes the bulk out and puts it on your side for easy access.  Because of its smaller size you can reach into those tight spots were your energy is escaping.  With a standard foam gun you can only reach the holes, gaps and cracks that are in the open.  If you flip the gun over to get in closer you lose air presser from the can and end up wasting expensive foam product.  Not to mention the safety aspect of being hands free. With the FOAM-STER on your side it is easier to climb a ladder. Also, you’re not searching for the gun every time you need it. With the FOAM-STER the can is in a holder, upside down on your side all the time. No waste. The Teflon coated foam gun is also on your side but connected to a six foot hose so there is no bulky can on top of the gun. Just a flexible hose that allows you to reach in and air seal much more than before. The FOAM-STER saves time and adds safety.  Make your work faster and easier with the FOAM-STER. The FOAM-STER puts the foam can on your side while you use the foam gun to reach all of those hard to reach areas you couldn’t do before. Then when you need both hands simply place the foam gun in its convenient holder on your side and you’re ready for the next task.

Each FOAM-STER is hand engineered out of high quality aluminum and powder coated here in the USA. The unit connects to a 6 foot hose that is made out of a material specifically designed for polyurethane foam and cleaners that leads to a high quality Teflon coated foam gun.  The FOAM-STER foam gun is a great new tool for anyone who works in or owns a company in the fields of home energy, electrical, or plumbing.