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All homeowners want to regulate temperature in their homes, save on energy costs, and keep moisture out. These aims can be achieved by ensuring that the house has a thermal envelope and proper insulation. Nobody wants a drafty house that loses warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer.

How to Fix Common Insulation Problems

(Pixabay / Unsplash)

If you’re concerned about insulation issues in your home, consider these common issues and their fixes:

  • Windows and doors – Windows, when not fully sealed, could be the biggest source of heat loss in a house. The wearing away of caulking, deterioration of the weatherstripping, and shrinking of the wooden frame could cause tiny crevices or cracks that allow heat to escape and cold air to enter. The quick and easy fix for this problem is to check for worn out weatherstripping. Simply remove the old stripping with a putty knife and install new stripping in its place. If your window needs to be replaced but your budget won’t allow it yet, you can use thermal curtains as a temporary solution to the problem.
  • Attic – The attic is the most problematic area for insulation in any house. In many cases, the attic is improperly insulated or over-insulated. A damp attic could result in mold problems throughout the house. The usual cause of attic insulation issues is forgetting or overlooking the insulation of access points to the attic. When the access point is not insulated, it could allow airflow into the home space below. This problem could be fixed by attaching a rigid insulation panel to the access door’s backside with additional weatherstripping around the access point.
  • Outlets – Electrical outlets could be a major source of heat loss in the house. While the electrical area is quite small, there are plenty of electrical outlets in the entire house and they could add up to significant heat loss. The problem is typically caused by the failure to insulate the areas around electrical switches, outlets, and breaker boxes. One fix is to apply insulating gaskets that are designed for outlets and light switches.

Fixing the little insulation problems as they appear will prevent bigger and more expensive insulation repairs in the future.