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If your company is in need of specialty blowing equipment or machines for a specialized or proprietary fiber based product application or industry, we offer the most cutting edge, highly advanced fiber blowing machines and equipment. Our fiber blowing equipment is perfect for existing industry applications as well as custom designed equipment that is suited your exact needs.

We invite you to contact us for any and all of your fiber blowing equipment needs. Below you will find a few examples that we fabricate specialty equipment for other than our mainstream cellulose and fiberglass insulation machine blower industry.

  • Oil spill absorbent blowing fibers
  • Hydro seed and hydro mulching
  • Artificial snow blowing
  • Fireproofing
  • Industrial road fibers
  • Concert Venue confetti

Available Machine Ideas:

  • Hollywood Artificial Snow Blowing Machines
  • Oil Spill Fiber Blowing Machines
  • Hydroseed Blower Machines
  • Fire Proofing Insulation Blower Machines
  • Confetti Blower Machines