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Fall is a great time to deal with small details that have a large effect on you and your home throughout upcoming winter months. Whether you are an insulation blowing contractor that helps homeowners, or you’re a homeowner yourself, we at want to share some easy and fast maintenance tips with you.

Fall Cleanup

Start With the Roof

Inspect and remove all leaves, branches, and dirt from your gutters, drains and downspouts. Throughout winter, snowfall will accumulate and melt and need to run off your roof. That water needs a clear path, otherwise water can back up and ruin your attic’s insulation. Worse, if enough water backs up from rain gutters and leaks into roofs, snow melt can leak into walls, run drywall, and ruin flooring.

Take precaution and inspect your rooftop for any cracks, holes, or missing shingles. Like clogged rain gutters, a vulnerability in your roof can be compromised with ice dams that leak water into your home and create a water problem. It’s better to stop a problem this fall before the winter creates a massive disaster to your roof’s insulation and within your walls.

Look for broken metal in valleys of your roof and around vents and fireplace exhausts. Look for any loose satellite dish or antenna wire. If they are currently being used then secure them down. If you have any rooftop items no longer in use, consider professionally removing or patching their location for leak-proof seals.