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Did you know that nearly half of all eye injuries take place at the home? While you might think that most accidents happen in commercial or industrial environments, you must practice safety at home, too.

Eye Safety Injury Prevention Month

In the U.S, there are nearly 1,000 eye injuries per day that are work related and require an eye specialist. To lower your chances of an eye accident, wear fitted eye protection that is appropriate for the work you are doing. The workplace may maintain safey standards but what about when you go home. Do you wear safety glasses when needed at home?

In recognition of October being Eye Safety Injury Prevention Month, we at Spray Insulation Industries aim to support awareness about how to prevent eye injury and avoid common mistakes. Here are some tips to help with surprisingly hazardous materials.

  1. Spray cleanser away from your face to avoid accidental spraying in the eyes.
  2. Wear safety glasses when using detergents and cleansers, and don’t mix any cleaning solutions. Chemicals can react and cause spray that can get in your eyes.
  3. If you get something in your eye, DO NOT rub it. Flush it out with water for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Read and follow instructions when opening wine and champagne bottles. There are numerous eye related injuries each year due to opening champagne bottles.
  5. Wear safety glasses when using an edger or weed trimmer.
  6. Wear safety glasses while working with wood cutters, saws, and other blades.
  7. Wear suggested protective eye wear when doing recreational games or exercises.
  8. Get prompt care for any eye injury.

Cheers to appreciating Eye Safety Injury Prevention Month wth us. Join our insulation machine company and let us all be safe at work and home and wear eye protection.