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Usually, during the summer, people normally stay under the protection of their roofs where they do not get into contact with the suns’ harmful rays that can damage their skin. However, the problem lies when they go out and forget to put on some protection. This is what damages their skin.

The Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Skin Protected

Here are some of the best ways to provide protection to the human skin:

  • Wear shirts with long sleeves and long pants. The only reason why it is important to wear such clothing is that they cover more skin and provide more protection the skin parts that they cover.
  • Always remember to splash on some sunscreen lotion. You need to apply some of the sunscreen about 15 to 30 minutes before you go out under the sun to give the skin enough time to absorb it. A sunscreen with a high level of SPF (or Sun Protection Factor) is an ideal product to layer onto your skin. An SPF 30 indicates that the sunscreen will protect your skin for about 10 hours after the skin has absorbed it. The skin usually burns 20 minutes under direct sunlight. An SPF 30 multiplies 20 minutes by 30 which give your 10 hours
  • However, sometimes the SPF declared on the sunscreen does not indicate its supposed capabilities so you might have to apply some again.
  • Wear a hat. A hat that has a wide brim will serve as extra protection for your face, ears and nape thus preventing them from burning and darkening.
  • Wear eyeglasses. Aside from protecting the eyes itself, shades also serve as protection for the eyelids and the screen found immediately around it. By preventing it from drying up, the dreaded appearance of crows’ feet will be delayed or eliminated.

It is very important that you give your skin the ultimate protection when you are going under the sun especially that now summer is here. Protecting your skin means that you will have to keep it from the sun’s harmful ways and to keep it moist. There is just no other way to protect your skin than by doing these tips.