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Various surveys indicate that the average American’s tax return is a few thousand dollars. The first thing that many of us envision spending the return is the latest iGadget or something with immediate gratification. Unfortunately, the latest shiny thing doesn’t usually keep us happy for long. You work hard for your cash. While it may sound reasonable to spend it immediately, why not invest it in something more worthwhile. Why not put your hard earned money towards something that can pay you back?

  • improved attic insulation
  • better rated wall insulation
  • solar panels
  • new roof

While any option that enhances your home’s long-term effectiveness is certainly a good investment, insulation is among the best options to start saving thousands every year on energy bills. Additionally, wise home improvements can expand the lifespan of your house.

Don't Waste Your Tax Return. Invest In Your Home's Insulation and Energy Efficiency.

Need more convincing on why it is wise to invest your tax refund on home insulation? Here are additional benefits of effective home insulation.

Improved Thermal Comfort All Year Round

Insulation helps significantly in keeping cool air flowing inside during the summer and warmth inside a building during winter. A properly insulation home will support a more comfortable, agreeable environment throughout the entire year for you, your family, and your guests.

Save Money on Utilities

Insulating can cut the expense of heating and cooling by more than 40%. Properly insulating the attic of a house can spare 20-30% on heating and cooling bills from that one are alone. With proper insulation, heating and cooling units don’t need to run as hard or as long to attain desired temperatures in your home.

Lessened Noise Levels

Insulation is an incredible sound absorber and can support in diminishing commotion and noise that would otherwise penetrate walls, roofs and floors. Better noise reduction makes for a more relaxing home or productive workplace.

Helping the Environment

By requiring less to heat or cool a home, less energy resources are used. Insulation is a recognized approach to decrease the utilization of fuels that add to the greenhouse impact. Additionally, some forms of insulation are made from recycled material, which minimizes landfill waste.