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The official start of winter is coming soon. If your home is in a chilly region of the country, the challenge is to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Here are a few simple, low-budget ideas for energy-proofing your home during the winter.

Cost-effective Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

(Pixabay / h-egon)

  • Install heavy curtains or drapes – Windows can hemorrhage heat. If you notice warm air escaping through your windows, try covering them with thick curtains. You could also add a layer of PVC shower curtains in between the regular curtain materials. For doors that lead outside, you could add protection by installing a curtain just inside of the door.
  • Use heat-reflecting aluminum foil – When heaters are attached to external walls, they are not as efficient. You can prevent heat loss by putting reflective tin foil behind your heater or radiator. This will harness escaping heat and send it back into the room.
  • Try a double-glazing shortcut – While single-glazed windows let heat out, double-glazed windows can help keep it in. Double-glazing your windows is an investment, but you can save money with a low-cost shortcut. Try attaching a layer of film to the window frame. Use double-sided tape to attach the film. The downside is that you will not be able to open your windows as long as the film is there.
  • Welcome the sun – Take advantage of bright days by opening curtains and letting the sun in.

While these shortcuts can help to some degree, if you find that too much warm air is escaping your home or that your house feels especially drafty, try installing insulation. Insulating the entire house will keep it warm throughout the winter months and comfortably cool during the summer months. You will need insulation equipment to energy-proof your home. You can rent blown insulation equipment to add “blown-in” materials to your attic and other hard-to-reach parts of your home.