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Insulation Industries is at it again, offering a cutting edge new insulation machine. The CM2400-2DI is one of the newest insulation machine available in the market and the solution that your insulation spraying company needs.

Cool Machines Dual Blower Insulation Equipment

Cool Machines CM2400-2DI Insulation Machine Specifications

  • weight, 720 lbs
  • dimensions (L x W x D), 58 x 29 x 48

This Cool Machines insulation equipment
provides an economical, high production insulation blower with low power requirements and reduced weight and size for a great fit inside any truck/trailer system. The machine has a simple design and minimal moving parts making for a blower with low-maintenance and easy to repair. This compact, robust machine with its various options will outperform and outlast any machine in its class.

Insulation Machine Production Rate

  • cellulose, 3000 lbs/hr
  • fiberglass, 900 lbs/hr
  • rockwool 1800lbs/hr

The machine has a 15 cu./ft. hopper capacity with an option to extend the hopper to 30 cu.ft. or 40 cu.ft. The CM2400-2DI has a stainless slide-gate and integrally mounted pressure gauge for the machine to provide precise fiber control.

The CM2400-2DI’s has a modular design with see-thru access panels for quick troubleshooting and maintenance. Better yet, its high-quality powder coating provides a long lasting corrosion resistant finish to its body.

For added safety, the CM2400-2DI insulation machine has slow speed positive feed scalping augers to extend component life. Its electrical safety features include kill switch and manual override controls that promote increased operator safety and quick hazard response. It has a panel mounted manual thermal overload protection of all motors and electrical components. It also has s deluxe voltmeter, L.E.D., lighted plugs and receptacles for quick electrical diagnostics.

This insulation blower is packed with a high-speed stainless turbo-shredder that maximizes fiber conditioning, coverage, and production. Additionally, the high torque (1250 in./lb.) motor/reducer drive provides surplus power.

Feel confident in your purchase of the Cool Machines CM2400-2DI from Insulation Industries Warehouse. We bring decades of experience to the insulation industry both as having worked directly as an insulation company, like you, and now as a national distributor of insulation equipment. Our versatility covers the spectrum from sales and marketing to exclusive testing and real world experience. We provide the most cutting edge fiber insulation machines in the industry and specialize in contractor development systems and services geared solely towards the specific needs of each individual client. Rest assured that this new machine will answer all your needs.