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The Cool Machines CM350020-4 Insulation Machine 4 Blower is a great piece of equipment that is packed with power and features. It is one of the most powerful insulation machine blowers in the industry today that brings together performance, efficiency, and consistency. With this kind of reputation to back it up, you know that you will get the best results when it comes to blowing insulation fiber into walls and ceilings.

Cool Machines CM350020-4 Insulation Machine 4 Blower

Aside from startup companies, even the more established ones rely on this work horse of a machine. It does make a lot of sense because its the performance itself speaks a lot about this insulation blower. It just goes to show that when this machine is in the right hands, customers will be wearing smiling faces at the end of the job.

Setting it up for the job at hand is easy with this machine by your side. This machine has enough raw power to produce 1,800 pounds of fiberglass per hour. When it comes to Rockwool, it churns out 2,200 pounds per hour. As if that is not enough power for you, it blows an astonishingly high volume of 5,000 pounds of Cellulose per hour. It will only take the user a few minutes to start layering insulation into walls and ceilings.

The machines shredder performs at a high rate of conditioning fiber which in turn allows the machine to cover a wider range of walls and ceilings. It is equipped with 2 gates that can easily slide for smooth operation. Both the motor and the gear box are easily accessible which makes it easy to maintain, too. It comes with a full hopper extension as well as a divided hopper extension. Don’t forget about the optional remote control for easy, safe operation.

If you want a machine that can out-produce the competition and make you more money in less time than you want the Cool Machines CM350020-4 Insulation Machine 4 Blower.