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The Cool Machines CM240016-4SI insulation equipment is economical and produces professional quality work. With minimum power consumption and maximum fiber blowing, this insulation blower will be your go-to insulation machine.

Cool Machines CM240016-4SI Insulation Machine Dual Blower

The CM240016-4SI insulation machine is the insulation blower of choice in its category, and it is all because of its power and the convenience that its design offers. When it comes to blowing Cellulose, it reaches a production rate of 3600 pounds per hour. With Fiberglass it churns out 1400 pounds per hour, and when it comes to Rockwool, it delivers 1800 pounds per hour.

What makes it convenient is that the design incorporates easy to operate parts. Smart engineering resulted in a machine that does not need much maintenance. With parts that are easy to remove, performing maintenance and repairs are easy to do. Further design benefits include the following.

  1. The hopper has a large 15 cubic feet fiber storage and extension hopper options at 30 and 40 cubic feet.
  2. The slide gates are stainless steel in the design that comes with a pressure control device that totally controls the fiber.
  3. The exterior is made sturdy with the application of a powder coating that protects the machine from rusting.
  4. It has a modular design concept that lets operators disassemble the parts with ease. The modular design is beneficial if and when maintenance and repair procedures are to be done especially in hard to reach areas like the augers and shredders.
  5. It comes with a large airlock that measures 12 inches by 16 inches. The airlock is made from sturdy material and is easily reachable for maintenance purposes.
  6. Fiber conditioning with a robust stainless steel shredder system produces a smoother insulation job.
  7. It has a 50-grade chain with sturdy sprockets made from the rust-free material.

There are other features that make this machine attractive to customers. Customers will be hard pressed to find a machine that has features as good as this insulation blower, and for under $12,000.