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The Cool Machines CM2400 insulation machine is a dependable and powerful insulation blower, offering a highly economical way of applying insulation to ceilings and walls. Experience an insulation machine that delivers superior results.

Cool Machines CM2400-2DI Insulation Machine Dual Blower

The portability of this machine is one of the things that makes it so popular for both private and commercial insulation installations. One can easily load the light weight Cool Machines CM2400-2DI in the bed of a pick-up truck or utility trailer. Its’ design and parts require little movement, making this machine easy to use and low in maintenance costs. These are just some of the reasons why the Cool Machines CM2400-2DI is at the top of its’ class.

What is even more amazing about this top-shelf machine is its affordable price. At just $9,752.15, there are not a lot of new insulation blowers within this price range that can claim results as good as the Cool Machines CM2400 produces.

The production rate of the Cool Machines CM2400 produces 3000 pounds per hour when spraying cellulose onto the surfaces of your home. To help spraying cellulose to the max, it is assisted by a 16 inch airlock to produce an astounding 3600 pounds per hour per 100 feet. When it comes to fiberglass material, this insulation blower produces 900 pounds per hour. To make it even more efficient and powerful, a 16 inch airlock can be attached to produce a more powerful and productive 1400 pounds per hour. Lastly, when it comes to spraying rockwool, this insulation machine sprays at a rate of 1800 pounds per hour.

CM2400 Insulation Machine Specifications

The Cool Machines CM2400 has a 15 cubic foot storage capacity. It also has an optional hopper that can store 30 – 40 more cubic feet of fiber.

12″ airlocks allow for superior blowing. Even better, upgrade to optional 16″ airlocks to compliment for maximum blowing. And with top-grade powder coating protection, your insulation machine is rust-resistant and built to last.